INT. Hilton Garden Inn- BALLROOM
We see a hotel ballroom with a stack of chairs arranged against the far wall. A large group of INFLUENCERS stand in a semi-circle.
FRED, 23 years old but surrounded by children, masks his age with colorful gaudy clothing.
Uplive Creators: Let's start off the Creator Conference with a little name game. It can be about your content but it doesn't have to be. It only has to start with the same letter of your name. I'm Freddy Fortnite. Zap to Mary!
FREDDY attempts to do the Orange Justice dance. Next to him, MARY, 16 with foundation bronze makeup that stops at her chin.
(mimes applying lipstick)
I'm Makeup Tutorial Mary! and you're Freddy Fornite! Zap to Fred!
Exactly! What about you? Zap!
EDDY, a emo-type kid with a steampunk headdress on and leather cuffs, is standing next to Mary.
I'm Eddy Enema Fetish-
(mimes sticking a tube up)
and that is Mary Makeup Tutorial and Freddy Fortnite. Zap to Rickie!
FRED is obviously unsettled by what he just heard. Another steamer, RICKIE, moves on.
I'm Rickie Robolox Vids, that Eddy Enema Vids, Mary Makeup Tutorial-
Sorry, can we just circle back for a second. What did Eddy say his videos were about?
They're enema fetish videos. It's like a muckbang video but with the entire digestive process. It's on OnlyFans.
You film yourself doing enemas for OnlyFans?
Oh, no never!
Fred relaxes a bit.
I never film myself. I use a crew.
How old are you?
Next to Fred, an energetic Morgan butts in.
(mimes eating)
I'm Morgan and I make Muckbang videos too. And your Rickie Robolox, Eddy Enemas, Mary Makeup, and Fred Fortnite. Zap back to-
My videos aren't muckbang though. It's funny, when I post them on YouTube under Muckbang it immediately gets flagged for nudity, but when I post them to PornHub under "fetish" it gets removed too!
You know this Conference is for Internet Creators, not really for porn.
What I do isn't porn. Nothing is going in, only coming out. Sometimes they ask me to play with it
MAKEUP MARY gags and places her hand over her mouth in disgust.
Can someone else please go?
CHARLIE, a braced-up teen steps up next to Fred.
(miming a microphone)
Hi everyone, I'm Charles Cover Song, that's Muckbang Morgan...
(he pauses and hesitates)
Can I actually just "Zap" back to Eddy I want to hear more about his videos.
Nope. No more zapping to Eddy. You realize we all had to apply to this conference? How did you get your Creator Badge?
Oh, I didn't! I bought someone else's using Torrent cryptocurrency from the Enema Videos. You'd be surprised how big an audience there is for my work.
This is your main job?
No, I can't really call it work since it's my hobby. Technically, I'm a sushi chef at OOKA.
Zap back to me! Okay...I think that's enough of the name games. Let's take ten for lunch.
The group disperses and Eddy whips our a funnel and tube attachment from his bag, alongside a Bullet Blender container of puree.
You guys go on ahead, I brought my own.

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